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This is going to come off as sour grapes because I’m writing about something bad that happened to the Yankees a few minutes ago. But It speaks to a much broader issue.

Joba Chamberlain just gave up a mammoth two-run blast to Kendry Morales of the Anaheim Angels that probably cost the Yankees the game. Oh well, I can live with it considering how well the Bombers have played in the early going.

But as the shot cleared the fence, fireworks were launched into the Anaheim night. Really, Angels? This is a regular season game. In April. Maybe if it’s a walk-off I understand, but now the picture on the screen is all foggy because you over-celebrated a hit that didn’t even win the game.

If the Yankees were doing this, I would be even more annoyed. It’s not classy, it’s becoming a growing trend in Major League Baseball, and it’s obnoxious. Baseball isn’t the Fourth of July. It isn’t a spectacle like a football or basketball game. It’s a ball game. It’s our national pastime.

Unless it’s the postseason or a walk-off, keep fireworks out of it. Have a post-game celebration if your as pyro-obsessed as me and my friends were back in middle school. But during the game, the only thing that should be launched is the baseball over the fence —  just like Kendry Morales did. The big fly to souvenir city should be enough to keep fans entertained.


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