I don’t think Rolando McClain will be Ray Lewis or Patrick Willis — but the former ‘Bama star was far and away the best linebacker in this draft and it certainly wasn’t a bad pick for the Raiders at 8.

I just wish he had went to the Giants.

New York needs linebacker help, and badly. But once McClain was off the board there wasn’t really a linebacker worth the No. 15 selection.

Instead the Giants went defensive end, drafting Jason Pierre-Paul from South Florida. I had read many places that the Giants were high on JPP. Once he was still there at 15, I was pretty confident he would be the pick — though I thought Georgia Tech’s Derrick Morgan might have been another option.

I’m happy with the pick, but not enthralled like I would have been with McClain.

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Alright boys and girls…let me start by saying I spent roughly ten minutes typing this exact post before Firefox decided to spit in my face and say get off the computer it’s 1:27 in the morning.  But, I will not be intimidated!  It’s 1 in the morning and I’m going strong.  Now all of you are going to have to trust me on this…the post I had written but lost to the Firefox catacombs was the most exquisite piece of writing to have ever been feverishly typed across a monitor.  It’s a shame nobody will ever get to read it.  Well anyway, I remember that I ended this pointless initial paragraph by saying here is my esteemed and critically-acclaimed initial reaction to the 1st round of the 2010 NFL draft coming at you NOW…

Note: I did do a mock draft…kind of.  I worked on one during Tuesday’s PLSC1oo lecture (sorry mom but the lecture notes are online) and so all references to my projections can be documented through that notebook.  See Ronnie Barnes or Joe Shea for verification.

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I said I wasn’t sure if I would do this, but I have a few minutes before class and I feel like doing it. Here’s my mock draft, but let me say right now: After the first 5 picks or so, I have little if any faith in my picks. I’m pretty much guessing, and I haven’t talked to any teams or agents as professionals like Peter King have. So take everything with a grain, or a whole salt shaker, of salt.

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In the four years that Roger Goodell has been the NFL commissioner, he has developed a reputation for levying harsh penalties on players who exhibit questionable off-field behavior. With Ben Roethlisberger making headlines for the second time in less than a year for sexual assault accusations, Goodell has to be consistent in his punishment to avoid a league-wide backlash. Even if Big Ben has not been convicted of anything, he must be suspended.

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Well here we go people.  Alex Dobrusin with his first, christening entry for the brand spanking new Wire to Wire blog.  And what better way to start an amateur sports blog than with an entry about an amateur sports team.  Just kidding…kinda.  I’m talking of course about your and my beloved Baltimore Orioles.  The team that, for decades before yours truly stumbled on to this earth, was the essence of what was good in sports.  A team that was both well-managed, well-owned (if that’s a word), and well, just plain good.

I’m not going to pretend I remember the good ol’ days with Frankie Robinson and Boog Powell and Jim Palmer were running the show.  I appreciate the awards and accolades they earned for the franchise I’ve grown up with, but honestly it’s tough to personally attach myself to those great times when I wasn’t alive to enjoy them.  No no no, as much as I’d like to cling on to those distant moments of greatness, I can’t do it.  The moments I’m clinging on to are the mid-90s Orioles.

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C’mon, Blue!

Baseball season is finally here, with the Yankees and Red Sox opening up the year up at Fenway last Sunday. Games between the two rivals are notoriously long, and umpire Joe West wasn’t shy in letting the press know how he felt about the slow pace of the game. West called the sluggish tempo “pathetic and embarrassing and a disgrace to baseball.” Bill Madden of The New York Daily News says West shouldn’t be talking, and I agree.

Slowness of the game is not pathetic and embarrassing. Annoying? Yes. Unnecessary? Sure. But West didn’t say anything nearly that tepid. He went to the extreme, calling it a disgrace. There is nothing disgraceful about batters taking their time in between pitches, or pitchers and catchers meeting at the mound multiple times. It does not affect the integrity of the game like steroids or greedy owners that pocket revenues instead of fielding a competitive team – both things that are a disgrace to our nation’s pastime. The slow pace  might even make for better baseball, with pitchers and hitters being even more selective and strategic in their efforts. You can make the argument that the game should be sped up, and that’s fine. But in no way is it disgraceful. When you have a player like Mariano Rivera – who tends to shy away from making a splash in the media – calling out the umps, you know something’s up.

If West is so adamant about speeding up the game, he has the power to do that. Grant fewer time-outs to batters, break up those mound meetings quicker. Start calling balls and strikes as penalties if they are taking too long; they have the authority to do so. If the game is slow, the umpires are equally at fault as the players.

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Whatup world

We’ve been talking about it for almost the entire school year, but we finally did it. This is the blog to go with Wire to Wire, our radio show on wmucsports.com that hits the airwaves every Tuesday at 10 p.m. The hour we have on the air limits how much we can talk about, and we hope that this outlet allows us to expand our horizons.

On top of posts that preview Tuesday night shows, we will be able to comment on sports stories throughout the week. Alex and I will focus on Maryland sports and the teams from our hometowns. Of course, any major breaking news (you know, LeBron coming to New York, Terrence Ross changing his commitment for a seventh time, etc.) will be covered just as much as the O’s perpetual losing streaks.

All joking aside, we hope that you check the site as often as you can. Tell friends, tell family, tell anybody! I can promise that even if we can’t enlighten you with any earth-shattering sports knowledge, our writing will at least be entertaining in some way.

Thanks for the support guys!

-Jeremy and Alex