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All right, I get it: We’ve done a bunch of posts on the NFL Draft and that might be annoying. But there was one thing I forgot to mention in my last update that I really want to put out there.

The anticipation and tension of waiting for picks to be announced is one of the best aspects of the draft. Roger Goodell has you hanging on his every word until he finally proclaims who your team has taken. But this simple joy is being ruined.

During coverage of the draft, ESPN cuts to shots of players on the phone smiling, crying which gives away the next pick. I’m sure some like this because you find out the pick before you would otherwise, but I hate it. I much rather hear Goodell say it. What’s happening now is anticlimactic and boring, and frankly, ruins some of the fun of the draft.


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In the four years that Roger Goodell has been the NFL commissioner, he has developed a reputation for levying harsh penalties on players who exhibit questionable off-field behavior. With Ben Roethlisberger making headlines for the second time in less than a year for sexual assault accusations, Goodell has to be consistent in his punishment to avoid a league-wide backlash. Even if Big Ben has not been convicted of anything, he must be suspended.


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