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So the three-day primetime event known as the NFL Draft is over. As the Giants’ picks grew fewer and fewer, I got the same feeling that I remember having as a kid when I realized my Christmas presents under the tree were running out. But even if the Giants didn’t come out of the weekend with their middle linebacker of the future, I throughly enjoyed the weekend. Not so much because of the Giants picks, but because of the event’s new three-day format.

In terms of the picks, I don’t have many thoughts — you can read my musings on Jason Pierre-Paul a few posts ago. But contrary to what Mel Kiper and Todd McShay will tell you, it is impossible to grade the draft this early. There is a reason neither of them are NFL GM’s. Yes, based on your big board and your mock draft, picking so-and-so at a certain point is a major mistake.  First of all, I trust NFL coaches and executives a lot more than I trust these talking heads. Also, no one has hit the field yet — thus we have no idea how good any of these picks are. So that ranking, but it an A an F, it’s essentially awarded based on name value.



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